Heinrich Küllmer Albatros D.Va

Albatros D.Va of Heinrich Küllmer of Jasta 23

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This is a full-color 1:144 3D print of the Albatros D.Va of Heinrich Küllmer of Jasta 23.   Küllmer was popular with the other pilots of Royal Bavarian Jasta 23 (though he was non-Bavarian), and he scored three victories before being killed in action while fighting S.E.5a’s in May 1918.

No painting is necessary — this model comes printed in full color, ready to use.  The model does not come with a flight stand, maneuver deck, or plane card.  You can find an unofficial plane card for this plane in this paint scheme in the gallery above or at https://linen.miraheze.org/wiki/File:AlbD5a-Kullmer-card.jpg.