About Reduced Aircraft Factory

Reduced Aircraft Factory, LLC, (“RAF”) is a Colorado Limited Liability Corporation dedicated to making available World War One aircraft miniatures in various scales, as both full-color 3D prints of various paint schemes and plain, paintable printed miniatures. RAF partners with Shapeways for the printing and delivery of RAF models. To visit the Shapeways shop directly, visit https://shapeways.com/shops/raf.

The first RAF model, a 1:288 Albatros J.I, was uploaded to Shapeways in December, 2012. RAF released its first full-color 3D print, an Albatros D.III in High-Definition Full Color, in autumn 2021. The first full-color prints were made available through an Etsy shop, but Shapeways thankfully eliminated the need for that in early 2022 and made full-color prints available directly through the Shapeways shop. In August 2022 Shapeways made available the Full-Color Nylon 12 material, which brought down the cost of full-color prints dramatically (albeit at the cost of depth of color).

RAF now offers over 350 paintable models and 350 full-color prints of various WWI planes, and more are added on a regular basis. If you have any particular WWI plane or paint scheme you’d like to see, use one of the contact methods to make a request and it will likely be added to the queue.