Frank Linke-Crawford Brandenburg D.I

Hansa-Brandenburg D.I 28.40 of Flik 41/J, flown by Frank Linke-Crawford

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This is a full-color 1:144 3D print of Hansa-Brandenburg D.I 28.40 of Flik 41/J.  Frank Linke-Crawford, Austria-Hungary’s fourth leading ace, achieved the first four of his 27 air victories in this plane.  Linke-Crawford began his aviation career as an observer, but transferred to Flik 12 in January 1917, where he flew both two-seaters and scouts.  In August he transferred to Flik 41/J and joined the elite set of pilots under Brumowski.  Star-Strutter 28.40 was also flown by at least eight other pilots, as the sharing of individual planes was very common early in the war.

No painting is necessary — this model comes printed in full color, ready to use.  The model does not come with a flight stand, maneuver deck, or plane card.  You can find an unofficial plane card for this plane in this paint scheme in the gallery on this page.

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