Halberstadt D.V of the Ottoman Air Service

A Turkish Halberstadt D.V

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This is a full-color 1:144 3D print of a Halberstadt D.V serving in the Ottoman Air Service.  Thirty-one of the fifty-seven Halberstadt D.Vs produced were sent to Turkey, where they were distributed to various units.  Some of these arrived as late as January 1918, when you would think them obsolete, but the competitive pressures were not has high in the Middle East, and the gentle flight characteristics of the Halberstadt suited the inexperienced pilots well.

No painting is necessary — this model comes printed in full color, ready to use.  The model does not come with a flight stand, maneuver deck, or plane card.  You can find an unofficial plane card for this plane in this paint scheme in the gallery on this page.

Plane statistics and gaming information may be found from the links at https://linen.miraheze.org/wiki/Halberstadt_D.V.

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